Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Rod Serling's Night Gallery

Night Gallery was an anthology series from America that aired from 1970 to 1973. They featured stories of horror and the macabre. Each segment was introduced by Rod Serling, who gained fame from his earlier Twilight Zone series. He was a major contributor to the scripts, but without the control he had with the Twilight Zone.

Before introducing each story, Rod Serling would unveil paintings that depicted the proceeding tale. The paintings were by artist Tom Wright. Some of the tales were written by classic authors such as H.P Lovecraft, and some were original works, many by Rod Serling.

The series was introduced with a pilot tv movie, containing three stories:-

The Cemetery

The Cemetery - Night Gallery

A ne'er do well nephew murders his sick uncle to secure his inheritance. His uncle was an artist and many of his paintings are adorning the walls. At the bottom of the stairs is a painting showing the house and cemetery. Soon, he notices that the painting has changed. There is now a mound of dirt revealing the grave of his uncle. Next time he looks at it, the coffin lid is raised. Is the nephew going mad, or are sinister supernatural forces at work?


Eyes - Night Gallery

A rich and heartless old woman who has been blind from birth blackmails a brilliant surgeon into performing an operation on her so that she can see for the very first time. The donor of the eyes is a man who is in desperate need of money.

The Escape Route

Escape Route - Night Gallery

A Nazi war criminal is hiding from the demons of his past in South America. The authorities are very close to discovering his whereabouts. His only solace from the crimes of his past catching up with him is a serene painting in a museum. When he gazes at the painting, his one wish is that he could enter into that world and finally shake off his pursuers.

One of the episodes in the first season, "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar" was nominated for an Emmy Award. The series continued for 3 series until it was finally axed.