Original Twilight Zone Episode List

Worst Twilight Zone Episodes of the Original Series

Although the Twilight Zone is quite rightly regarded as a great classic series, there are some dross episodes amongst the great ones. As with the best Twilight zone episodes list, this list has been decided by the members of the Internet Movie Database.

1. Cavender is Coming (5.4/10)

Airdate: 25 May 1962
Main Cast: Carol Burnett, Jesse White
Writer: Rod Serling

Cavender Is Coming - Twilight Zone

Agnes Grep, down on her luck and behind on her rent, is sent a guardian angel, Cavender, to make her happy in twenty-four hours and earn his wings.

I cannot believe Rod Serling wrote this dross. An episode composed mostly of fluff and filler. A dull episode, with a terrible laughter track added.

2. The Bard (5.8/10)

Airdate: 23 May 1963
Main Cast: Jack Weston, John Williams, Burt Reynolds
Writer: Charles Beaumont

The Bard - Twilight Zone

Screenwriter Julius Moomer is in dire need of a scintillating script - so he uses black magic to conjure up the spirit of William Shakespeare to write one for him.

Probably voted as second worst episode because it stretches an average half-hour script over an hour.

3. Sounds and Silences (5.9/10)

Airdate: 9 Oct 1959
Main Cast: John McGiver, Penny Singleton
Writer: Rod Serling

sounds And Silences - Twilight Zone

Roswell loves loud noises. One day the noises get too much for him, and he decides to visit a psychiatrist.

Another case of a dull script stretched out over an hour. A bad guy gets his comeuppance, a subject which has been done much better in previous episodes.

4. The Whole truth (6.2/10)

Airdate: 20 Jan 1961
Main Cast: Jack Carson, Loring Smith
Writer: Rod Serling

The Whole Truth - Twilight Zone

Used-car salesman, Harvey Hunnicut, finds that he cannot tell a lie when trying to sell a Model A car he has just bought.

The central premise that used-car salesmen and politicians sometimes tell lies is hardly revolutionary. Add the poor script to the plodding direction, and shoot it all on videotape, with all the limitations that implies, and you have the fourth worst episode.

5. A Thing About Machines (6.3/10)

Airdate: 28 Oct 1960
Main Cast: Richard Haydn
Writer: Rod Serling

A Thing About Machines - Twilight Zone

To Bartlett Finchley machines are an anathema. He hates them. The problem is the feeling is mutual.

Even half an hour is stretching the weakness of this script. Humour isn't always handled well on the Twilight Zone.